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Biker Billy Freeway-a-Fire Cookbook - New Paperback Edition

Price: $9.95

Biker Billy's Freeway-a-Fire Cookbook (e-book)

Sizzle your palate with Biker Billy's chile-fueled vegetarian meals

Whether it's from smoky chipotle peppers or blooming hot habaneros, you will feel the heat with killer starters such as Murderous Minestrone Soup, Nuclear Potato Salad, and Lucifer's Angelic Egg Salad. Need some spice for your main course? Try Hollering Chipotle Pockets, Atomic Eggplant Submarine, Rowdy Red Rice, or Mean Bean Meatballs. How about a side dish to make your tastebuds zing? Time for Devilish Pumpkin Fries, Tortured Tomatoes, or Twisted Biscuits. After all the heat, finish off your meal with sinful Peanut Purgatory Pie or scrumptious Chocolate Killer Cookies. Biker Billy's Freeway-a-Fire Cookbookoffers recipes like these and many more for devoted chileheads everywhere!

Rounding out this unique cookbook are guidelines to growing, buying, handling, and cooking with the hot peppers that make these recipes burn. If you love hot and spicy food, come take a ride with Biker Billy! This is food to make you feel alive!

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